You can apply coupons/credits at checkout on a desktop or with the StubHub app. You can't use them on guest accounts or on

Applying a StubHub coupon/credit on a desktop

  1. At checkout:
    • You have existing coupons/credits: Under Discount Codes, check the coupon/credit you want to apply to your order
    • To add one: Click Manage discounts, then Add a discount code and type in the gift card number to apply to your order
  2. If you have multiple gift cards and credits, click Manage discounts to see an expanded list
  3. Check the gift card(s) and credits you want to apply to your order
  4. Click Apply

Applying a StubHub coupon/credit on the app

  1. At checkout, tap Coupon, Promo, Gift Card
    • Gift card is already on your account: Tap the ones you want to apply to your order
    • To add a gift card: Tap the plus sign, enter the number, and Add
  2. Tap Save